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Welcome to Couples Connection Academy!

I'm Linnea Logas
and I am every connected couple's secret guru

If you're looking for a comprehensive couples course that you can take at your own pace and will help you stop clashing and start connecting, you're in the right place. 

That couples therapist you see week after week with minimal change?

Don't tell them about me

If you do, you might end up loving yourself and your partner so much,
you might never need couples therapy again.

Did you know that conflict can bring you and your partner closer together rather than driving you apart?


Let me show you how in this 

transformational program for couples

I run a premier academy for couples to help them STOP clashing and START connecting, peacefully, playfully, passionately



When you sign up for the course, you get easy-to-follow weekly videos each paired with couples activities, downloadable resources you can come back to again and again, and live access to me--a relationship expert with years of coaching and therapy experience. 

And if you're desiring more tailored 1:1 support, my coaching packages are just as thoughtful, created entirely for you to meet your goals. Find out more here

Love Notes

Anonymous Client

"Linnea didn't teach us how not to fight. she taught us how to recognize fights for what they are, how to minimize them where possible, weather them when needed, and repair the relationship after. our relationship is no longer about trying to maintain a status quo, but loving each other through all of the ups-and-downs of life-and in large part, we have Linnea to thank for that."
"Linnea has the uncanny ability to be the most welcoming and warm person, while confronting you with the hardest truths about yourself. The strength of my relationship with my partner is a testament to the balance of tough love that Linnea expertly employs."
"Through our time with Linnea, we've not only unwound a lifetime of learned unhelpful patterns, but also built muscle memory for grace with each other. She has taken our relationship from on-the-rocks to a healthy exercise in empathy, honesty, and love."

Anonymous Client

Anonymous Client

Linnea at Culture House pointing up.jpg
Linnea at Culture House pointing up.jpg

Did you know most couples wait 6 years after seeing a problem before seeking help? 


That's six years of building habits that AREN'T working.

After all that time, changing those habits can feel really complicated.

I'm changing the old, outdated way couples have to harness the power to change, switching out complicated self-help books and years of therapy with an easy-to-follow program.

How Does it Work?

Step 1

Sign up for the program that's right for you!

Step 2

Receive access to the course through your own client portal

Step 3

The course features 2 tracks geared for couples and individual self-improvement, with 50+ tools and video lessons

Step 4

Dig in and start using the tools and knowledge from day 1 to start connecting with your partner.

Sneak peak

of what's inside


✨25+ tools (exercises, resources,

personal & relational reflections and more!)


✨35+ videos (insights and training from Linnea

and other experts)


✨Topics that impact every couple (conflict, sex,

communication, self-esteem and more!)


✨Habit tracker


✨Couples Connection Journal™


✨Couples Connection Card Deck™


✨1:1 Coaching Support to ensure your success

In this program you will...

Uncover what you're really arguing about

so you can get off the conflict merry-go-round

Harness the power of your own thoughts

(stop waiting for your partner and still make real change!)

Learn the skills to communicate through ANY conflict

Feel seen, heard and understood by your partner

Build more play and wonder into your relationship

Learn the hidden forces undermining your love

and what to do about them

Understand yourself and your triggers more deeply

Begin to experience your relationship as

a joy and celebration

Couples Connection Online Program

Do It Ourselves




All the video lessons, tools & resources you need to transform your relationship! 


35+ videos and over 25 proven exercises


Journal + Couples Connection Card Deck


Who is this right for?


This program is for any couple who wants to learn the skills needed to stop clashing and start connecting! 


This course does not come with any 1:1 coaching or live access to Linnea, however, you will have the option to upgrade to limited or full support if you decide that's needed once you've already started



Ready to Start?

Couples Connection

Online Program

Do It With Support




All the video lessons, tools & resources you need to transform your relationship!


1:1 Coaching Sessions: 

4 sessions strategically placed throughout the course to support and ensure success


Option to increase number of sessions, customized for you and your partner to work through anything you are struggling with. 


Additional tools and resources as needed from Linnea


35+ videos and over 25 proven exercises


Journal + Couples Connection Card Deck


Who is this right for? 


This program is for the couple dedicated to make transformational change in their relationship with the powerful combination of 1:1 support tailored to each couples' needs.


Schedule a call with me so we can see if we're a good fit, and I can answer any questions you might have!

Don't need the call because you know this is what you're needing? Go ahead and check out here: 

Not the right time?

You can still transform your partnership with my 30 day challenge for couples. Receive 30 free exercises so you can give and get the love you both deserve in 30 days or less. 


A Note About Therapy

My jibes at therapy are all written in humor. As a couples therapist myself, I believe deeply in the value of therapy. I still enjoy working with couples on deepening their understanding of themselves and healing from the traumas that may be impacting their relationship.

For most couples, the foundational tools in my program are enough to transform their relationship. Considering the number of partners who are reluctant or scared to

attend therapy, this work is just as important.

What I love about coaching is the extra support I can give my clients, speeding up the relationship transformation! I give text support throughout the week and find and create resources based on the latest research (and a lot of creativity!) to help my couples succeed. I can't do this as a therapist, and love the results my couples get with the added supports! 

Get started with my 30 day challenge so you can give and get the love you both deserve, in just 30 seconds a day. 

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