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Group Coaching

Change is sometimes best achieved as a community. Learn the skills you need and get support in these monthly groups! All groups held virtually.  

The Reluctant Relationship
Women's Group

We all know partner's who are reluctant to attend therapy. We women talk about it with each other. Sometimes we even have a partner in therapy with us, but they aren't really there. They aren't committed, aren't making the changes, aren't opening up to create the deeply connected, authentic partnerships we long for. 


And despite knowing all this, we still feel so isolated. We feel like we're the only ones, like something is wrong with us, like there MUST be something else we can do. 


There is. 


This group will meet one Saturday a month (to start-if there's interest we can change to bi-weekly) from 9-10:30. Each week I will take 30-45 min to teach the group a new skill you can use at home to start enacting change.


The rest of the time will be spent getting personal support from the group and from me. Learn what you can do, learn what is reasonable to expect from your partner, and come away with a community to support you in your quest to transform your partnership into the peaceful, playful, passionate relationship of your dreams.


All groups held virtually. 

Get on the waitlist by signing up here:

Couple's Skills Group

An amazing partnership isn't magically found, despite what Disney might have led us all to believe. It's hard work! But this is actually good news. If it was magic, you'd be shit-out-of-luck, wouldn't you? I know I would be! 


The partnership I have is incredible. It is fulfilling, playful, passionate and collaborative. But it hasn't always been that way. I became a couples therapist because I wanted all the answers. I wanted to know how to create that magic Disney promised. 


And I did. I created it. Despite being on the brink of an affair, with hard work, and lots of new skills, we turned our relationship into something beautiful, that I wouldn't give up for the world. And it turns out, it's not really magic. It's science! 


There are skills those people in seemingly magical partnerships have that everyone needs in order to build a deeply connected, authentic relationship. And I want to teach them to you. 


This group runs continuously. I teach all the skills I know, and you get to stay as long as you want and tap out when you feel you have a good grasp of them. If that means you stay through one round, fantastic! If you need to hang out and cover them another time or two, you're more than welcome. 


The group runs as a membership, $50 per couple each month. We will meet monthly for 1.5-2 hours, when I will teach a new skill with the first 30-45 minutes, and then open up the group to question and answer so you can get more specific help and support. 

All groups held virtually. 


If you would like to get on the waitlist and be the first to sign up when the group is ready to run, sign up here:

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