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I help couples build deep, authentic connection so they can stop clashing and
start connecting

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Feeling disconnected is isolating and painful.

No matter what you try, it keeps getting worse. 

You don't know how to resolve conflict, and so end up sweeping it under the rug or riding the conflict merry-go-round over and over and over again

You wish you knew how to express your feelings and needs, but more often leave conversations feeling unheard and misunderstood

You struggle to feel all those painful emotions, so you distract yourself with screens, busyness, or even anger

You lie awake at night wondering what went wrong, criticising yourself or your partner, longing to feel genuine acceptance and peace within yourself and within your partnership

You don't want a divorce or to break-up.

But you certainly don’t want this either.

Your hurts are driving you apart, but you can't seem to get off the conflict merry-go-round

You love each other deeply, but you can’t go on like this.

You miss your partner. You don't know how to go back to what you once had.


But can you find a way forward?

Imagine yourself 8 weeks from now...
After you've cleared your communication, built confidence in conflict, and reclaimed your connection with your partner AND with yourself...

Your partner does something that would normally leave you spiraling into a fight, or shutting down into disconnection. 

Instead, you handle it with ease, moving on with your day feeling more connected than before. 

This program does two things:

1. It transforms your relationship through mastering conscious communication so you can feel confidant in conflict

2. It helps you cultivate an authentic, connected and compassionate relationship with yourself.


Most couples therapy and coaching programs do not focus on #2 at all.


After years as a couples therapist, I know

the quality of your partnership is determined by the quality of your relationship with yourself.

Conscious communication is absolutely necessary to have a connected, passionate partnership, but so is a compassionate relationship with yourself.


In this program we will enact TRUE transformation by helping you learn to love yourself and your people.

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Don't wait until it's too late.

Did you know most couples wait an average of 6 years before seeking help because,

"it's not that bad". 

It's easy to live with what feels normal. 

But 6 years is a long time to be developing habits that aren't working for you.


How important is your relationship to you? How important is your own happiness? 

Now tell me: do you really want to wait?

Get started with my free masterclass to learn the first three skills every couple NEEDS to stop clashing and start connecting 

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Get started on your relationship transformation today with my FREE 15 minute masterclass to Stop Clashing and Start Connecting

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I'm Linnea Logas, couples therapist turned connection coach 

I've seen hundreds of couples who really don’t need to spend week after week in my office to repair their relationships…they just need a few skills and tools to create the connections they long for. But there's not enough time in an hour a week to heal attachment wounds AND teach ALL the skills couples need. That's where I come in.

Helping you see how fucking amazing you are and empowering your relationship to reach its fullest potential is my life's calling! 


Old patterns can change. New ways of relating can be taught; and with the right tools and motivation, YOU have the power to change your own relationship. I’ve seen it happen again and again.  


I’m here to provide you with those tools at the Couples Connection Academy, a program designed to help you learn to love yourself and your people – no therapy required.


If you’re ready to stop clashing and start connecting, sign up for my free video and I’ll teach you three skills every couple NEEDS but only dream couples know, so you can be on your way to the partnership you long for. 

Two ways to learn


Everyone is different and learns differently so I have created two programs. 

I will work with you to create a coaching package tailored to your needs, based on the exact issues you are struggling with. You will walk away with tangible skills and exercises to practice after every session.


You can take courses through Couples Connection Academy, watching video lessons and completing the paired exercises, all done on your own time.

Add 1:1 coaching support for extra guidance as you complete the course.

Either way you will learn the skills you need to learn to love yourself and your person.


Get started with my free masterclass to learn the first three skills every couple NEEDS to stop clashing and start connecting 

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