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1 easy change to create a playful, passionate partnership

You don't have to be interested to show interest...

You just need to get CURIOUS and Play More!

See, not all relationship homework is hard.

In fact, I try to make it as fun as possible for my couples.

It's ok to not be interested in all the things your partner says and does. You don't have to be, but if you TELL them that, whether with words or by turning away when they are talking, you will inadvertently destroy something crucial in a partnership: the trust that you CARE.

Instead of showing interest in the topic, be interested in your partner. Why do they care about this thing? What happens when they talk about it? Where did this interest come from? When did it start?

Get curious and ask questions about WHO your partner is, and it won't feel so tedious to listen to them go on and on

about this thing you don't really have any interest in.

Curiosity fuels connection, a sense of closeness, and excitement. It can repair hurts, and build trust because it can lead to a sense of openness that allows safety in exploration.

Want to learn more about how to grow your friendship to reignite your relationship? Join my 30 day Focus on Friendship™ Challenge, and watch your partnership transform in just 30 seconds a day!


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