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Partners who are burned out carrying the mental load, listen up!

If you live a good deal of your partnership in resentment and irritation, feeling powerless to change it, maybe it's time to embrace what you DO have power over.

If you want to start feeling respected in your own partnership…

If you want to start feeling valued, seen and heard in your partnership…

Tell me if this sounds like you:

❄️One of you feels like you’re carrying the whole burden. You get critical and “naggy” because you don’t feel heard.

❄️You need to know your hurts and feelings MATTER to them, but everytime you try to explain this...they shut down.

❄️The other one of you feels unfairly blamed for everything going wrong.

❄️It feels like they’re making a big deal out of nothing. (seriously, why does it matter so much?!)

❄️You need to feel appreciated for what you’re doing right, not just labeled as “the problem”, but everytime you try to express this, they escalate and double down.

But you know what the truth is?

YOU have the power to change this. Now.

All you have to do, is look in the mirror.

The truth is...there’s no place for objective truth in a relationship. It just doesn’t matter. I know: 🤯

When it comes down to it, one of you HAS to go first. HAS to take the step to meet your partner’s needs, rather than focus on getting your own met.

And when you both do this...magic happens. ✨

Most of us struggle to take that step, because we’re afraid our partner WON’T meet our needs. We’ll give more, give in, and we will be forgotten in the process.

And at times, you might be. But if you are consistent, building back trust between you by focusing on meeting those needs, EVEN WHEN they don’t meet your own...magic happens.

I teach couples how to let go of anger, not their standards, and take responsibility while gaining influence in the relationship.

If you’re ready for a respect-filled, equitable partnership full of passion and play, schedule a call. Let’s have a powerful conversation that will transform the trajectory of the rest of your life.

If you’re going to live with this person, at least make sure it’s someone you like and can get along with. Otherwise...what are you doing?


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