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Are you ready? Because asking what you SHOULD do is not the question to get the relationship you want...

The world is constantly asking us to question: "What SHOULD I do?" Should I clean the house? Play with my kid? Tell my partner how I really feel or just keep smiling because...things are good right now. I don't want to wreck it...

But what is right or wrong, what you should or shouldn't do is not the questions we need to be asking. The question needs to be, "Can I trust myself to just do what I WANT?"

And you might be surprised by how often your answer is 'yes'. You will decide what you want is to care for your world by doing the hard thing, having the difficult conversation, going above and beyond what was asked.

And sometimes you will want to REST; to look at the stars in wonder, to dance, to climb up on the roof and watch the sunset. And those things won't be productive and maybe the world tells you they're not what you SHOULD be doing...

but they are absolutely what you should be doing.

And it all starts with trusting yourself.

So perhaps instead of trying for perfect, trying for what the world thinks you “should do”

You could try trusting yourself.

Are you ready? Ready to lean in? To try something different? To fail and learn and grow?

I’m here for it. All of it.

Grow into the relationship you long for. Gain influence, let go of anger, and build something equitable, respectful and passionate in the process. It won't take years. Just a few weeks.

Are you ready?

Schedule a growth call and together I will help you and your partner figure out the path that leads to a life of deep, authentic connection.

Perfection isn’t the goal; acceptance, respect, play, and showing-up are.


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