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Awkward Teen Pic of My Partner and I! My teenage self can teach you something about friendship...

I want to help you learn to be better friends with your partner.

My partner and I have known each other since middle school. We met working at my families restaurant, and began building a friendship when I was just 14 years old! (Eek! I would freak out if one of my kiddos told me they had met their forever partner at that age.)

We started dating just few years later after driving around for three hours talking. We really were still kids, so it's no surprise that the foundation of our relationship was play. We would go on picnics, learned how to sail with his dad’s little boat, listen to music while staring at the stars, swing on the playground while we talked endlessly about ALL the things.

Awkward selfie when we were teens!------>

As we have gotten older, we have had to find ways to maintain that friendship, because we don’t live in a society that encourages adults to play and stay curious.

Sometimes I find it is easiest to access that playful part of myself when I think about who I was when I was 14, 15, 16...that girl had so much curiosity. She loved nothing more than to explore a new part of the rocky beach, talking about some philosophical something, or learning a new skill. Sure, she had her fair share of insecurities (and I'm so loving being in my 30s now!) but she was also brave in her courage to take life on full-force.

It's been many years since we were those awkward, brave, playful kids, but we continue to learn so much from them. We frequently ask ourselves what we would have enjoyed as kids, and use that as a jumping off point for the next date idea.

Blueberry picking on the Gunflint Trail

After almost two decades together, I am still amazed by all the things I don’t know about him, and the experts we've become in play.

Friendship is the basis of a healthy, passionate, peaceful partnership. Not only does it make life more fun, your conflicts will be less intense, you will trust one another more deeply, and your intimacy will thrive.

I started a 30 day Focus on Friendship challenge where I will be sending out a super simple, research backed and personally tested 30 second exercise, every day. If you do it, you will see huge transformations in your partnership.

Sign up here to join me and become better friends with your partner!

Visiting NY for the first time

Prepping on our foodtruck before open

Recent pic. He's still my best friend.


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