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Generocity is good for your heart. Literally.

Did you know that being generous to your partner, meaning you give them MORE grace, MORE forgiveness, and assume the best of them even when you're pretty sure they're in the wrong, is not altruistic?

Generosity, gratitude, and admiration towards your partner benefits you more than it does them. There are several hormones released when you do something kind for someone else, which not only feel good, but do some incredible things in your body.

Did you know that kindness lowers your blood pressure, dilates your blood vessels so your heart receives more oxygen...which means generosity and gratitude towards your partner is LITERALLY CARDIOPROTECTIVE. It literally protects your heart.

But if you're not sold, THAT'S NOT ALL. It also strengthens your immune system, improves energy, reduces physical discomforts, increases self-esteem and all-in-all leads to longer lifespan. How incredible is that?!

I love love. There's nothing better than feeling in love with yourself and your people (IMHO)!

Get generous. What are the ways you appreciate that your partner gives you grace and forgiveness? What are the ways you can give them more grace and forgiveness?

If you're up for it, take a moment to write them a little love note. Tell them how you feel, and share what you appreciate. It's great for your partnership, but apparently fantastic for your own health too. Win, win, win!

Wishing you love,



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