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The secret of a connected couple

Today I want to take a moment to talk about intention in our daily lives. Happiness is a goal so many people come into therapy seeking. In one way or another, they want to escape the stress and negativity, to find peace, contentment, and happiness.

But the key to joy, peace, and contentedness is not to eliminate stress. I'm pretty convinced we humans would find the stress for ourselves even if we did manage to eliminate it.

No, the secret of it is to be intentional; to notice the magic of your moments. It sounds simple, but we humans all know this is harder than it seems. Despite there being so many magical things surrounding us, our busy, stressful lives make noticing these moments unfortunately low-prioirity.

When was the last time you walked outside in the dead of night to stare at the stars? Woke up early to watch the sunrise? Smelled the flowers growing in your neighbors garden, savoring the sweet moment?

When was the last time you looked at your partner and really appreciated the wonder that they chose to be your partner?

The secret to a passionate, playful relationship is finding gratitude and wonder in this human who has chosen you to walk beside them for the one life they get here on this earth.

Let that sink in.

My partnership changed the day we started doing this. It was part of a strategy we developed after an almost affair completely shook us. We knew something needed to change, and this became a part of it. EVERY night, we told each other about a "beautiful moment" from the day.

I'll write more about the rest of that story in a later post. For now, set an intention to find a moment of magic, wonder, or beauty, and then share it with your partner.

If you're having trouble tapping into this wonder-filled space with your partner or within yourself, please don't keep doing it alone. So many of us are doing this work because we feel passionately that you deserve more, and that more is possible. Let's chat:


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