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The shortest story (that changes everything)

One day Ernest Hemingway was having lunch with friends and they were talking about the importance of writing with brevity.


Hemingway bet everyone at the table ten dollars each that he could craft an entire story in six words. 


After the pot was assembled, Hemingway took a napkin and wrote down the following six words:


"For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”


Everyone paid up without saying a word.


Why am I telling you this story? 


It’s simple: 


Relationships feel complex and hard. When you’re IN it, it’s hard to understand what’s going on, what the patterns are, much less how to get out of those cycles.


But they don’t have to be this complicated. 


Things feel hard because we are so quick to put boxes around them. We assume a story needs to be a certain length, but in making that assumption, we limit our ability to create something powerful in only six words. 


We come into relationships with assumptions, expectations and boxes that make it nearly impossible to find creative, powerful solutions to our problems. 


But after years as a couples therapist, I’m here to tell you:

the answers are within YOU. 


I am not magic. I do not create magic in the therapy room. There is no wand that helps couples suddenly figure out how to love and be loved. 


YOU and your partner contain your answers. You just need help harnessing the creativity to find them.


You know yourself, you know your needs, your deepest desires, your hurts. You just need to find the motivation to get out of your own way, be creative, and TRY something new. 


This is why I created The Connected Couples Magic System. It in itself is not magic. But it helps YOU tap into the power within yourself. With only a few minutes a day. 


It feels like magic.


Stop the conflicts you've been rehashing for years, by using the power of psychology to help you build new relationship habits, without the cost or time commitment of therapy.


The best part? 


It’s in its beta testing stage, so it’s only $17. 


It’s definitely going to increase in price though, so snag it now if you’re remotely interested. 


That’s not to say this hasn’t been tested. I’ve been using this strategy for almost a decade to help couples successfully give and get the love they long for. 


AND my partner and I have been using this system for over 15 years. We went from struggling to strong in a matter of months, no therapy, no cost, just a few minutes a night plus some check-ins throughout the month. 




We still come back to it whenever we hit a rough patch. 


And because I am who I am, I didn’t stop there and included tools that I wish every couple had while fighting, along with tips from my favorite relationship experts, and fun activities to do together to help you strengthen the foundation of your partnership: your friendship. 


I believe relationship health IS mental health, and everyone deserves access. That’s why I’m creating tools and resources that are accessible in time, cost, and simplicity. 


But even if you opt not to take a chance on yourself right now, stick around. I'll continue sending out relationship tips and advice regularly. Because I genuinely care. 


Your relationship cheerleader, 



Grab it here. I can't promise how long it will stay at this price point! I'd love to hear how it works for you. I read every email you send. 

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