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What the trees can teach about loving ourselves

I was talking to a client today, and they were telling me about the wonder they were able to get in touch with while walking through a park. Looking up at the trees, they were struck by how long it took them to grow into the awe inspiring giants they are now.

But this same client REALLY struggles to love themself. Can you relate? I certainly can. I cannot tell you how long it has taken me to look in the mirror and not immediately judge myself. To say something awkward and not beat myself up over it later. To make mistakes and laugh them off.

It suddenly occurred to me: we find wonder in the trees, in that flower with it’s lifespan of a few beautiful days. But we seem to forget that we are also a part of this earth. Why would we not see ourselves with that same wonder?

Find wonder in yourself, and perhaps you will start seeing wonder in the other amazing humans you share your life with. We often see our partner as an extension of ourselves, which is why the cliche "you can't love others if you don't love yourself" really is true.

You are miraculous and I am in awe that I get to share this world with you.

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