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Stop Clashing, Start Connecting Blog: Clearing Communication & Building Confidence in Conflict

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Welcome to Stop Clashing, Start Connecting, a blog to help couples reclaim connection with their partner and with themselves!

Hi! I'm Linnea. I've been a couples therapist and helped countless couples over the last decade, and have recently begun stepping further into my role as a couples connection coach.

Helping you see how fucking amazing you are and empowering your relationship to be the best it can be is my life's passion! And so the blog Stop Clashing, Start Connecting was born.

I will be using this space to write about the most common communication mistakes and how to avoid them, the best conflict management techniques I know as a couples therapist, and sharing glimpses into my own relationship, because I think the best learning comes from seeing and then doing! Happy reading!

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