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Do you ever find yourself fighting about the same things over and over again?

Here's the thing: if you’re not loving each other DURING a fight, you’re going to do what humans do when they don’t feel heard:

1. Repeat themselves over and over

2. Get LOUD

3. Give up and walk away (only to then repeat the whole thing again later)

Any of those sound familiar?

Most of us take for granted that our partner should already KNOW HOW to love us. After all, it’s love! How complicated can it be?

Or maybe you think: it doesn’t mean as much if I have to tell them what to do.

But it’s not our partner’s job to guess our love languages, and it’s not ours to guess theirs. When we communicate about how we need to be given and shown love, ✨we set our relationship up for success rather than failure ✨

If you’re having the same arguments over and over, try giving your partner love AT THE SAME TIME you’re in the thick of the argument.

See what changes when they feel heard and understood. See what shifts in your own heart when you focus on loving rather than winning.

And then of course make a point to show each other love each day besides as well. It’s the moments OUTSIDE your fights that determine the fights themselves.

Not sure where to start?

Get 30 free exercises designed to help you and your partner give and get the love you deserve in 30 days or less:


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